Exclusive Currencies, Equities, Commodities, and Precious Metals Analysis

Offering a unique perspective into the foreign exchange market. Combining technical analysis with fundamental analysis to provide a holistic overview

This is how we work

The private telegram channel offers a unique perspective on foreign exchange market analysis
Fundamental Analysis

The channel will provide fundamental market analysis by looking at market sentiment, news and economic data with how it affects the financial markets. You will also have access to a real time stream of economic news headlines before it reaches mainstream.

Technical Analysis

We provide full top down analysis from higher time frames, key price levels, analysis of market structure, trends and candle stick patterns to form trade ideas in combination with fundamentals. You will gain access to over 40 educational webinars on technical and fundamental topics to grow your skill set and knowledge.


Live breakdowns for trades will be provided. Step by step technical and fundamental breakdowns with videos and webinars.

Continuous content

Weekly webinars on breakdowns, market updates and recaps, and educational topics to create an interactive learning experience.

Want to learn more?

The foreign exchange market has an average daily volume of 5 Trillion dollars. Navigating these markets is a challenge that takes extensive chart time to master. Jump start your learning curve by subscribing to daily fundamental and technical market breakdowns. 90% of retails traders are not profitable, join the 10% who are.

Take a look at the FREE Telegram channel to get a sneak peak into what type of information will be provided in the private channel. We also have many FREE breakdowns and webinars uploaded to Youtube.
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Monthly subscription for exclusive access to a private Telegram channel featuring daily financial market analysis

  • Trade ideas given weekly across currencies, indices, metals and commodities
  • Weekly market recap webinars every Sunday
  • Weekly technical and fundamental breakdown webinars on 3-5 pairs across indices, metals, currencies and commodities
  • Weekly data reports and political events provided
  • Market updates throughout the week on market activity
  • Weekly live price action session webinar to help build confidence in the markets
  • Weekly psychological reminders to help you stay in control
  • Real time key level price alerts to reduce time spent on the charts
  • Session open and close alerts to help you prepare
  • Access to a news room with to the minute real time headlines before mainstream media
  • Access to an archive of 40+ Capital Hungry educational webinars on fundamentals, technicals and psychology that continues to grow
  • Access to 200+ past technical and fundamental pair breakdown videos for backtesting and review
  • Access to the full history of Capital Hungry technical and fundamental analysis
  • Access to a community of 300+ private member traders
  • Monthly recurring subscription
  • No large one time fee. Cancel any time before your subscription renewal date
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"This channel has helped improve my view on fundamentals immensely, as well as learn some new technical tricks. It's one of the few groups im in with notifications un-muted and theres a lot of posts daily, only by the creator. I don't want to miss a single post or even wait to read them."
- Dexter, Canada
"Love your telegram. Very insightful. I never incorporated fundamentals in my trading until following your telegram. You bring a very logical approach and it’s been very helpful to understand why certain moves happen, BEFORE they happen. Thanks for sharing your knowledge for free, can’t wait to see what it shared when people compensate you for the time you put it. "
- Justin, USA
"Great breakdown of the fundamentals, since I am pretty obsessed with how the news move the market. After your trades with USDCAD, AUDUSD, AUDJPY.... i went opposite you and lost every one. "

- Vlad, USA
"The breakdown of the information is very precise. He provides detailed overlays of higher time frame analysis along with fundamental reasoning. The fundamental understanding allows the technicals to be top notch. I’ve been trading for 2 years and the value from this channel was beyond expectation. The time and effort that is spent giving deductive reasoning on why price will move a certain way is far beyond what I anticipated! Thank you for such amazing value!"
- Chris, USA
"Jevan is a very passionate, knowledgeable trader with a lot of energy. The free telegram channel is full of useful, valuable information and I can only imagine the paid group/mentorship is going to be a massively beneficial to any trader."
- Jack, UK
"The content of the free channel is very very informative and helps the new trader gain knowledge about the market. The owner his very knowledgeable and shares his knowledge. Something that experience people tend to hide or keep to themselves."

- Raul, Trinidad and Tobago
"Great insights in fundamentals and technical levels, follow CapitalHungry and you will follow the money."
- Ricardo, UK
"You gave an accurate fundamental break-down of a bias for a news release hours ahead of time, and have done so with repeated accuracy. Great resources from free channel so far."

- Michael, USA.
"The free channel is very informational and helpful. It gives you a different point of view for currencies. I didnt notice some things on my own before the channel but now that I follow and read the channel, I know more now and a little better. It is a great channel."
- Ahmad Henderson, USA